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Scott F Collins
Title: Postdoctoral Research Associate
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Location: Kaskaskia Biological Station
Phone: 217-728-4851

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Collins S.F., Baxter C.V., Marcarelli A.M., and M.S. Wipfli. In press. Effects of experimentally added salmon subsidies on resident fishes via direct and indirect pathways that cross stream-riparian boundaries. Ecosphere

Collins S.F., Butler S.E., Diana M.J., and D.H. Wahl. 2015. Catch rates and cost effectiveness of entrapment gears for Asian carp: A comparison of pound nets, hoop nets, and fyke nets in backwater lakes of the Illinois River. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 35:1219-1225. DOI: 10.1080/02755947.2015.1091799

Collins S.F., Marcarelli A.M., Baxter C.V., and M.S. Wipfli. 2015. A critical assessment of the ecological assumptions underpinning compensatory mitigation of salmon derived nutrients.  Environmental Management 56:571-586. link

Collins S.F. and C.V. Baxter. 2014. Heterogeneity of riparian habitats mediates responses of terrestrial arthropods to a subsidy of Pacific salmon carcasses. Ecosphere 5: article 146.

Collins S.F. 2014. The ecological importance of subsidies from salmon to stream-riparian ecosystems: An experimental test and implications for approaches to nutrient mitigation. Ph.D Dissertation. Idaho State University

Muehlbauer J.D., Collins S.F., Doyle M.W., and K. Tockner. 2013. How wide is a stream? The spatial extent of the “stream signature” in terrestrial food webs using meta-analysis. Ecology 95:44-55.  *Selected for Faculty of 1000

Collins S.F., Moerke A., Janetski D., Chaloner D., and G. Lamberti. 2011. Response of water chemistry and algal biomass to spawning Pacific salmon in three Northern Michigan streams.  Journal of the North American Benthological Society 30:831-839.

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Lake Superior State University, B.S.

Idaho State University, Ph.D.

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