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John H Chick
Title: Principal Scientist
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Great Rivers Field Station
918 Union Street
Alton, IL 62002
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Phone: 217-300-3844

Principal Scientist, Field Station Director
My main research activities focus on the ecology of large rivers, particularly the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. I am also interested in population dynamics and community level interactions of freshwater fishes, early life history stages of fishes, and general aquatic ecology. I am especially interested in questions related to how spatial variability in aquatic ecosystems affects population and community level processes.
Message to students:

Best Presentation - Illinois Chapter of the American Fisheries Society 2014


Volunteer Service Award  - Lieutenant Governor, State of Illinois – Coordinating Councils of Illinois, Science Advisory Committee 2013


Best Presentation  - Illinois Chapter of the American Fisheries Society 2007


Certificate of Appreciation  Mississippi River Research Consortium – for service as president 2007


Cooperative Conservation Award - U.S. Department of the Interior – for service to the Long Term Resource Monitoring Program 2007


Professional affiliations:

Adjunct Professor, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana

Adjunct Professor, Program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana

Selected publications:

Chick, J.H., D.K. Gibson-Reinemer, L.Soeken-Gittinger, and A.F. Casper. 2019. Invasive silver carp is empirically linked to declines of native sport fish in the Upper Mississippi River System.  Biological Invasions 22:723-734.

Colaninno, C.E., C.S. Hadden, S.J. Springman, J.H. Chick, J.R. Allison, M.S. Brauer, C.A. Camp, A.C. Huaylinos, S.A. Klush, E.R. Lange, J.M. McBride, O.A. Mullenax, H.C. Ridley, and P.M. Umbricht. 2019. Effects of Exposure to Nixtamalization Liquid on Bone Collagen δ13C and δ15N and Archaeological Implications. Journal of Archaeological Science Reports published online:

Gibson-Reinemer, D.K., R.E. Sparks, J.J. Parker, A.F. Casper, J.A. DeBoer, M.W. Fritts, M.A. McClelland, and J.H. Chick. 2017. Ecological recovery of a large river following the Clean Water Act. BioScience 67:957-970.

Gibson-Reinemer, D.K., R.M. Pendleton, L.E. Solomon, J.H. Chick, and A.F. Casper. 2017. Hydrology controls recruitment of invasive bigheaded carp on the Illinois River, USA. . PeerJ 5:e3641; DOI 10.7717/peerj.3641. (Citations = 1)

Gibson-Reinemer, D.K., A.F. Casper, T.D. VanMiddlesworth, M.Y. VanMiddlesworth, and J.H. Chick. 2017. Widespread and enduring demographic collapse of invasive common carp (Cyprinus carpio) in the Upper Mississippi River System. Biological Invasions 19:1905-1916. (Citations = 2)

Colaninno, C.E., J.H. Chick, T.J. Martin, A.M. Painter, K.B. Brown, C.T. Dopson, A.O. Enzerink, S.R. Goesmann, T. Higgins, N.Q. Knutzen, E.N. Laute, P.M. Long, P.L. Ottenfeld, A.T. Uehling, and L.C. Ward.  2017. An Interdisciplinary Human-Environmental Examination of Effects Consistent with the Anthropocene in the Lower Illinois River Valley. Midcontinential Journal of Archaeology 42:266-290.

Thomas, S.M., Chick, J.H., and S.J. Czesny.  2017. Underestimation of microzooplankton is a macro problem: one size fits all zooplankton sampling needs alterations. Journal of Great Lakes Research 43:91-101. (Citations = 1)

Gibson-Reinemer, D.K., Ickes, B.S., and J.H. Chick.  2017.  Development and assessment of a new method for combining catch per unit effort data from different fish sampling gears:  multi-gear mean standardization (MGMS).  Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 74:8-14. (

Solomon, L.E., Pendleton, R.M., Chick, J.H. and A.F. Casper.  2016.  Long-term changes in fish community structure in relation to the establishment of Asian carp in a large floodplain river.  Biological Invasions 18:2883–2895. (doi:10.1007/s10530-016-1180-8). (Citations = 12)

Culver, E. F., and J. H. Chick.  2015.  Shocking Results:  Assessing the Injury Rates of Fishes from Pulsed-DC Electrofishing.  North American Journal of Fisheries Management   35:1055-1063. 

Chick, J.H., Soeken-Gittinger, L.A., Ratcliff, E.N., Gittinger, E.J., Lubinski, B.L. and R. Maher.  2013.  A Decade of Monitoring on Pool 26 of the Upper Mississippi River:  Water Quality and Fish Data with Cross Component Analyses.  Bulletin of the Illinois Natural History Survey 39:323-420.


            Chick, J.H.  Prologue: A Decade of Monitoring.  Bulletin of the Illinois Natural History Survey 39:323.

            Soeken-Gittinger, L.A. and J.H. Chick.  Chapter 1: Setting the Stage - The Environmental

            Setting and Water Quality Trends of Pool 26.  Bulletin of the Illinois Natural History Survey 39:324-                350.

            Ratcliff, E.N., Lubinski, B.J., Gittinger, E.J. and J.H. Chick.  Chapter 2: Population Trends for Selected              Fishes in Pool 26 of the Upper Mississippi River.  Bulletin of the Illinois Natural History Survey                         39:351-369.

           Gittinger, E.J., Maher, R., Ratcliff, E.N. and J.H. Chick.  Chapter 3: Exploring fishery independent                     (LTRMP) data as a tool to evaluate the commercial fishery in Pool 26 of the Mississippi River.  Bulletin             of the Illinois Natural History Survey 39:370-386.

           Chick, J.H., Soeken-Gittinger, L.A., Ratcliff, E.N., Gittinger, E.J. and B.J. Lubinski.  Chapter 4:                         Evaluating relationships between environmental factors and the fish community in Pool 26 of the                     Mississippi River.  Bulletin of the Illinois Natural History Survey 39:387-401.

           Chick, J.H.  Epilogue: Is Long-Term-Ecological Monitoring Possible?  Bulletin of the Illinois Natural                   History Survey 39:403.

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American Fisheries Society
Ecological Society of America
Mississippi River Research Consortium
- Vice President 2005-2006
- President 2006-2007

PhD, Ecology, University of Georgia, 1997

MS, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, University of Florida, 1992

BS, Wildlife and Fisheries Biology, University of Massachusetts, 1988

Lab name: Great Rivers Field Station Lab research: Lab publications: Lab current projects: chick

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