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Scott J Chiavacci
Title: Associate Quantitative Ecologist
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The Wildlife Society

Illinois Chapter of The Wildlife Society

Illinois Ornithological Society

American Ornithologists’ Union

Cooper Ornithological Society


Selected publications:

Chiavacci, S. J., M. P. Ward, and T. J. Benson. 2015. Why fledge early in the day? Examining the role of predation risk in explaining fledging behavior. Behavioral Ecology 26:593–600.

Chiavacci, S. J., T. J. Bader, and J. C. Bednarz. 2014. Preferred nest site characteristics reduce predator-specific predation risk in a canopy-nesting raptor. Journal of Wildlife Management 78:1022–1032.

Chiavacci, S. J., J. C. Bednarz, T. McKay. 2014. The emergence densities of annual cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) increase with sapling density and are greater near edges in a bottomland hardwood forest. Environmental Entomology 43:859–867.

Chiavacci, S. J., J. C. Bednarz, and T. J. Benson. 2014. Does flooding influence the types and proportions of prey delivered to nestling Mississippi kites? Condor: Ornithological Applications 116:215–225.

DeGregorio, B. A., S. J. Chiavacci, P. J. Weatherhead, J. D. Willson, T. J. Benson, and J. H. Sperry. 2014. Snake predation on North American bird nests: culprits, patterns, and future directions. Journal of Avian Biology 45:325–333.

Ward, M. P., M. G. Alessi, T. J. Benson, and S. J. Chiavacci. 2014. The active nightlife of diurnal birds: extra-territorial forays and activity patterns. Animal Behaviour 88:175–184.

Chiavacci, S. J. and J. C. Bednarz. 2013. Pantherophis obsoletus(Texas ratsnake) diet and feeding behavior. Herpetological Review 43:525.

Benson, T. J., S. J. Chiavacci, M. P. Ward. 2013. Patch size and edge proximity are useful predictors of brood parasitism but not nest survival of grassland birds. Ecological Applications 23:879–887.

Cox, W. A., M. S. Pruett, T. J. Benson, S. J. Chiavacci, and F. R. Thompson III. 2012. Development of camera technology for monitoring nests. Studies in Avian Biology 43:185–210.

Chiavacci, S. J., T. J. Bader, A. M. St. Pierre, J. C. Bednarz, and K. L. Rowe. 2011. Reproductive status of swallow-tailed kites in east-central Arkansas. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 123:97–101.



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Ph.D., University of Illinois, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, 2016

M.S., Arkansas State University, Biology, 2010

B.S., Penn State University, Wildlife and Fisheries Science, 2007

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