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Connie J Carroll-Cunningham
Title: Botanist
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1816 S. Oak Street
Champaign, IL 61820
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Location: Forbes Natural History Building
Phone: 217-244-7741
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I have been working as a Regional Ecologist for the Illinois Natural Areas Inventory Update. The purpose of this project has been to locate areas within the state that have experienced little physical disturbance in their history and still contain natural communities of high quality vegetation, including such areas as high quality prairie remnants, older growth forests with intact ground layer flora, seeps, and savannas. Sites are visited only after receiving landowner permission. I work in Region 2 of the project which includes 25 counties in the east and central portions of Illinois.
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Professional affiliations:
Illinois Native Plant Society
Illinois Audubon Society
Illinois State Academy of Science
Natural Areas Association
Southern Appalachian Botanical Society
Selected publications:
Phillippe, L.R., M.A. Feist, D.T. Busemeyer, P.B. Marcum, C.J. Carroll, G.R. Spyreas and J.E. Ebinger. 2011. Vegetation of forest and savanna communities on glacial sand deposits in northeastern Illinois. Southeastern Naturalist 56(1):54-60.
Phillippe, L.R., M.A. Feist, R.L. Larimore, D.T. Busemeyer, P.B. Marcum, C.J. Carroll-Cunningham, J.L. Ellis and J.E. Ebinger. 2010. Vegetation of Hooper Branch Nature Preserve, Iroquois County, Illinois. Northeastern Naturalist 17(2):261-272.
Carroll Cunningham, C, J. Ellis, B. Molano-Flores, and G. Spyreas. 2009. A Finger on the Pulse of Illinois Forests - Early Results of the Critical Trends Assessment Program. Chapter 15 in: Taylor, C., J. B. Taft, and C. Warwick (eds.). Canaries in the Catbird Seat - The Past, Present, and Future of Biological Resources in a Changing Environment.
Phillippe, L.R., M.A. Feist, R.L. Larimore, D.T. Busemeyer, P.B. Marcum, C.J. Carroll-Cunningham, J.L. Ellis, and J.E. Ebinger. 2009. Composition and structure of the ground layer vegetation at Iroquois County Conservation Area, northeastern Illinois. Phytologia 91(3):401-438.
Carroll, Connie J. and Mary Ann Feist. 2004. Rediscovery of Baptisia tinctoria (Fabaceae) in Illinois. Castanea (v. 69, no. 3).
Carroll, Connie, Cynthia Dassler, James Ellis, Greg Spyreas, John Taft, and Ken Robertson. 2003. Plant Sampling Protocols in Critical Trends Assessment Program Monitoring Protocols. Illinois Natural History Survey Technical Report 2002-2. Brenda Molano-Flores, editor. Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Springfield, IL.
Carroll, Connie J., and John White. 1997. Integrated Pest Management Methods for Control of Invasive Exotic Plant Species at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie. Report prepared for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources by Ecological Services, Urbana, Illinois.
Carroll, Connie J. 1995. Department of Defense (DoD) Installation Needs Based on Federal, DoD, and Armed Services Requirements for Threatened, Endangered, and Sensitive Species and Communities (TESSC) - Part 1: Federal Regulations, Final Draft. USACERL. Unpublished.
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Professional society involvement and activities:
Illinois Native Plant Society: State board member and Forest Glen chapter president

Illinois Audubon Society, Middle Fork Chapter, Co-vice president
Education: MS, Forestry, University of Illinois, 1992

BS, Animal Science, University of Illinois, 1989
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