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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Vaccaria hispanicaSaponaria vaccaria
Vaccaria pyramidata
Cow herb Caryophyllaceae Forb Europe
Vaccinium angustifoliumLow-bush blueberry Ericaceae Shrub Native
Vaccinium arboreumVaccinium arboreum glaucescensFarkleberry Ericaceae Tree
Vaccinium corymbosumHigh-bush blueberry Ericaceae Shrub Native
Vaccinium macrocarponOxycoccus macrocarpusLarge cranberry Ericaceae Shrub Native
Vaccinium myrtilloidesVaccinium canadense
Vaccinium angustifolium var. myrtilloides
Sour-top blueberry
Canada blueberry
Velvetleaf blueberry
Velvetleaf huckleberry
Ericaceae Shrub Native
Vaccinium oxycoccosSmall cranberry Ericaceae Shrub Native
Vaccinium pallidumVaccinium corymbosum var. vacillans
Vaccinium pallidus
Vaccinium vacillans
Vaccinium pallidum var. pallidum
Low-bush blueberry Ericaceae Shrub Native
Vaccinium stamineumPolycodium neglectumDeerberry Ericaceae Shrub Native
Valeriana edulis var. ciliataValeriana edulis ciliata
Valeriana edulis ssp. ciliata
Valeriana ciliata
Valeriana edulis
Valeriana edulis ssp ciliata
Valerian Valerianaceae Forb Native
Valeriana officinalisGarden heliotrope Valerianaceae Forb Europe
Valeriana paucifloraPink valerian Valerianaceae Forb Native
Valeriana sitchensis ssp. uliginosaValeriana sitchensis uliginosa
Valeriana sitchensis var. uliginosa
Valeriana septentrionalis var. uliginosa
Valeriana uliginosa
Marsh valerian
Mountain valerian
Valerianaceae Forb Native
Valerianella chenopodiifoliaValerianella chenopodifoliaCorn salad Valerianaceae Forb Native
Valerianella locustaValerianella olitoriaCorn salad Valerianaceae Forb Europe
Valerianella radiataValerianella radiata missouriensis
Valerianella radiata var. radiata
Corn salad Valerianaceae Forb Native
Valerianella umbilicataValerianella intermedia
Valerianella patellaria
Valerianella umbilicata
Corn salad
Valerianaceae Forb Native
Vallisneria americanaWild celery Hydrocharitaceae Forb Native
Vandenboschia boschianaTrichomanes boschianumFilmy fern
Appalachian filmy fern
Appalachian bristle fern
Hymenophyllaceae Forb Native
Veratrum virginicumMelanthium virginicumBunch flower Melanthiaceae Forb Native

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