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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Sabatia angularisRose gentian Gentianaceae Forb Native
Sabatia campestrisPrairie rose gentian Gentianaceae Forb Native
Saccharum alopecuroidesErianthus alopecuroidesSilver plume grass Poaceae Grasslike Native
Saccharum baldwiniiErianthus strictus Poaceae
Saccharum brevibarbeErianthus brevibarbisBrown plume grass Poaceae Grasslike Native
Saccharum giganteumErianthus giganteus Poaceae
Saccharum ravennaeErianthus ravennaeRavenna grass Poaceae Grasslike Europe
Sagina apetala Caryophyllaceae
Sagina decumbensPearlwort Caryophyllaceae Forb Native
Sagina japonica Caryophyllaceae
Sagina procumbens Caryophyllaceae
Sagittaria ambigua Alismataceae
Sagittaria australisSagittaria longirostra
Sagittaria engelmanniana ssp. longirostra
Longbeak arrowhead
Alismataceae Forb Native
Sagittaria brevirostraSagittaria engelmanniana brevirostraShort-beaked arrowhead Alismataceae Forb Native
Sagittaria cristata Alismataceae
Sagittaria cuneataDuck potato arrowhead Alismataceae Forb Native
Sagittaria gramineaNarrow-leaved arrowleaf Alismataceae Forb Native
Sagittaria latifoliaDuck potato Alismataceae Forb Native
Sagittaria montevidensis ssp. calycinaSagittaria calycinaArrowleaf Alismataceae Forb Native
Sagittaria platyphyllaSagittaria mohrii
Sagittaria graminea var. platyphylla
Delta arrowhead Alismataceae

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