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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Najas flexilisSlender naiad Hydrocharitaceae Forb Native
Najas gracillima Hydrocharitaceae Forb Native
Najas guadalupensisSouthern naiad Hydrocharitaceae Forb Native
Najas marinaSpiny naiad Hydrocharitaceae Forb Native
Najas minor Hydrocharitaceae Forb Europe
Napaea dioicaGlade mallow Malvaceae Forb Native
Narcissus poeticusPoet's narcissus Amaryllidaceae Forb Europe
Narcissus pseudonarcissusNarcissus pseudo-narcissusDaffodil Amaryllidaceae Forb Europe
Narcissus x medioluteus Amaryllidaceae
Nassella viridulaStipa viridulaGreen needle grass Poaceae Grasslike North America
Nasturtium officinaleTrue water cress Brassicaceae Forb Native
Nelumbo luteaAmerican lotus Nelumbonaceae Forb Native
Nemopanthus mucronatusMountain holly
Aquifoliaceae Shrub Native
Nemophila trilobaNemophila aphyllaBaby blue-eyes
Nepeta catariaCatnip Lamiaceae Forb Europe
Neslia paniculataBall mustard Brassicaceae Forb Europe
Nicandra physalodesApple-of-peru Solanaceae Forb South America
Nicotiana longiflora Solanaceae Forb South America
Nicotiana rusticaWild tobacco Solanaceae Forb South America
Nigella damascenaLove-in-a-mist Ranunculaceae Forb Europe

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