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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Hackelia deflexa var. americanaHackelia americana
Hackelia deflexa americana
Hackelia deflexa
American stickseed
Boraginaceae Forb Native
Hackelia virginianaStickseed Boraginaceae Forb Native
Halesia carolinaSilverbell tree Styracaceae Tree Native
Hamamelis virginianaWitch-hazel Hamamelidaceae Tree
Hedeoma hispidaRough pennyroyal Lamiaceae Forb Native
Hedeoma pulegioidesAmerican pennyroyal Lamiaceae Forb Native
Hedera helixEnglish ivy Araliaceae Liana Europe
Helenium amarumHelenium tenuifoliumYellow dog fennel
Asteraceae Forb Native
Helenium autumnaleHelenium autumnale var. autumnale
Helenium autumnale var. parviflorum
Fall sneezeweed
Asteraceae Forb Native
Helenium flexuosumHelenium nudiflorumSneezeweed
Purple-headed sneezeweed
Asteraceae Forb Native
Helianthemum bicknelliiFrostweed Cistaceae Forb Native
Helianthemum canadenseFrostweed Cistaceae Forb Native
Helianthus angustifoliusSwamp sunflower
Narrow-leaved sunflower
Swamp sneezeweed
Asteraceae Forb Native
Helianthus annuusGarden sunflower
Common sunflower
Asteraceae Forb North America
Helianthus ciliarisTexas blueweed
Blueweed sunflower
Asteraceae Forb North America
Helianthus decapetalusThin-leaved sunflower
Pale sunflower
Asteraceae Forb Native
Helianthus divaricatusWoodland sunflower Asteraceae Forb Native
Helianthus giganteusGiant sunflower
Tall sunflower
Asteraceae Forb Native
Helianthus grosseserratusThick-tooth sunflower
Saw-tooth sunflower
Asteraceae Forb Native
Helianthus hirsutusHelianthus hirsutus var. hirsutus
Helianthus hirsutus var. trachyphyllus
Helianthus hirsutus var. stenophyllus
Hairy sunflowe
Hispid sunflower
Bristly sunflower
Rough sunflower
Asteraceae Forb Native

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