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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Bacopa rotundifoliaWater hyssop
Disk water-hyssop
Plantaginaceae Forb Native
Ballota nigraBlack horehound Lamiaceae Forb Europe
Balsamita majorTanacetum balsamitaMint geranium
Asteraceae Forb Europe
Baptisia australisBaptisia australis var. minor
Baptisia australis minor
Baptisia minor
Blue wild indigo Fabaceae Forb North America
Baptisia lacteaBaptisia alba
Baptisia leucantha
Baptisia alba var. macrophylla
White wild indigo Fabaceae Forb Native
Baptisia leucophaeaBaptisia leucophaea var. glabrescens
Baptisia bracteata var. glabrescens
Baptisia bracteata var. bracteata
Baptisia leucophaea glabrescens
Baptisia bracteata
Baptisia bracteata var. leucophaea
Longbract wild indigo
Cream wild indigo
Fabaceae Forb Native
Baptisia tinctoriaBaptisia tinctoria crebra
Baptisia tinctoria var. crebra
Yellow wild indigo
Fabaceae Forb Native
Baptisia x deamiiBaptisia x serenae
Baptisia x pinetorum
Baptisia X serenae
Deam's wild indigo
Barbarea vernaEarly yellowrocket
Early winter cress
Brassicaceae Forb Europe
Barbarea vulgarisBarbarea vulgaris arcuata
Barbarea vulgaris var. arcuata
Yellow rocket Brassicaceae Forb Europe
Bartonia paniculataScrewstem
Twining screwstem
Gentianaceae Forb Native
Bartonia virginicaYellow bartonia Gentianaceae Forb Native
Beckmannia syzigachneAmerican slough grass Poaceae Grasslike Native
Belamcanda chinensisBlackberry lilly Iridaceae Forb Asia
Bellis perennisGarden daisy
English daisy
Asteraceae Forb Europe
Berberis canadensisBerberis vulgaris var. canadensisAmerican barberry
Allegheny barberry
Berberidaceae Shrub Native
Berberis thunbergiiJapanese barberry Berberidaceae Shrub Asia
Berberis vulgarisCommon barberry Berberidaceae Shrub Europe
Berchemia scandensRhamnus scandensRattan vine
Rhamnaceae Liana Native
Bergia texanaBergia Elatinaceae Forb Native

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