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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Malus baccata Rosaceae
Malus prunifolia Rosaceae
Malus sieboldii Rosaceae
Prunus tomentosaNanking cherry Rosaceae
Rosa virginiana Rosaceae
Rubus recurvans Rosaceae
Rubus x pergratusRubus pergratus Rosaceae
Physocarpus opulifoliusCommon ninebark Rosaceae Shrub Native
Spiraea albaMeadow-sweet Rosaceae Shrub Native
Spiraea japonicaJapanese spiraea Rosaceae Shrub Asia
Spiraea alba var. latifoliaSpiraea latifoliaMeadow-sweet Rosaceae Shrub North America
Spiraea prunifoliaBridal-wreath Rosaceae Shrub Asia
Spiraea tomentosaHardhack Rosaceae Shrub Native
Prunus americanaWild plum Rosaceae Tree
Prunus americana var. lanataPrunus americana lanata
Prunus lanata
Wild plum Rosaceae Tree
Prunus angustifoliaChickasaw plum Rosaceae Tree
Prunus armeniacaApricot Rosaceae Tree Europe
Sorbus decoraPyrus decoraShowy mountain ash Rosaceae
Prunus aviumSweet cherry Rosaceae Tree Europe
Prunus cerasusSour cherry Rosaceae Tree Europe

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