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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Stylisma pickeringii var. pattersoniiStylisma pickeringii pattersonii
Breweria pickeringii pattersonii
Patterson bindweed Convolvulaceae Forb Native
Jacquemontia tamnifolia Convolvulaceae Vine
South America
Evolvulus nuttallianusEvolvulus pilosus
Evolvulus nuttallianus
Ascending morning-glory Convolvulaceae Forb North America
Convolvulus arvensisConvolvulus incanusField bindweed
Nebraska glorybind
Calystegia pubescensConvolvulus pellitus var. anestius
Calystegia hederacea
California rose
Japanese bindweed
Convolvulaceae Vine
Calystegia sepiumConvolvulus sepium var. repens
Calystegia sepium americana
Calystegia sepium angulata
Calystegia sepium repens
Convolvulus repens
Convolvulus sepium var. americanus
Calystegia sepium erratica
Calystegia sepium ssp. Americana
Hedge false bindweed
Trailing bindweed
American bindweed
Wild morning glory
Calystegia silvatica ssp. fraternifloraCalystegia silvatica ssp. fraterniflora
Calystegia fraterniflora
Calystegia silvatica ssp. fraternifolius
Convolvulus sepium var. fraterniflorus
Calystegia silvatica fraterniflorus
Convolvulus fraterniflorus
Shortstalk false bindweed
Convolvulaceae Vine Native
Calystegia spithamaeaConvolvulus spithamaeusDwarf bindweed Convolvulaceae Forb Native
Ipomoea coccineaQuamoclit coccineaRed morning-glory Convolvulaceae Vine South America
Ipomoea hederaceaIvy-leaved morning glory Convolvulaceae Vine South America
Ipomoea lacunosaSmall white morning-glory Convolvulaceae Vine
Ipomoea pandurataWild sweet potato vine Convolvulaceae Vine
Ipomoea purpureaCommon morning-glory Convolvulaceae Vine South America
Cuscuta campestrisDodder Convolvulaceae Vine Native
Cuscuta cephalanthiButtonbush dodder
Convolvulaceae Vine Native
Cuscuta compactaDodder Convolvulaceae Vine Native
Cuscuta coryliHazel dodder Convolvulaceae Vine Native
Cuscuta cuspidataDodder Convolvulaceae Vine Native
Cuscuta glomerataDodder Convolvulaceae Vine Native
Cuscuta gronoviiCuscuta gronovii latifloraDodder Convolvulaceae Vine Native

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