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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Minuartia michauxii Caryophyllaceae
Moenchia erecta Caryophyllaceae
Sagina apetala Caryophyllaceae
Sagina japonica Caryophyllaceae
Sagina procumbens Caryophyllaceae
Silene chalcedonicaLychnis chalcedonica Caryophyllaceae
Silene conica Caryophyllaceae
Silene gallica Caryophyllaceae
Silene ovata Caryophyllaceae
Paronychia canadensisForked chickweed Caryophyllaceae Forb Native
Paronychia fastigiataForked chickweed Caryophyllaceae Forb Native
Spergularia mediaSalt spurrey Caryophyllaceae Forb Europe
Spergularia salinaSpergularia marina Caryophyllaceae
Spergularia rubraSand spurrey Caryophyllaceae Forb Europe
Spergula arvensisCorn spurrey Caryophyllaceae Forb Europe
Scleranthus annuusKnawel Caryophyllaceae Forb Europe
Sagina decumbensPearlwort Caryophyllaceae Forb Native
Holosteum umbellatumJagged chickweed Caryophyllaceae Forb Europe
Stellaria crassifolia Caryophyllaceae
Stellaria gramineaStarwort Caryophyllaceae Forb Europe

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