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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Triodanis leptocarpaSpecularia leptocarpaVenus' looking glass Campanulaceae Forb Native
Triodanis perfoliataSpecularia perfoliataVenus' looking-glass Campanulaceae Forb Native
Triodanis perfoliata ssp. bifloraTriodanis perfoliata biflora
Triodanis perfoliata var. biflora
Triodanis biflora
Specularia biflora
Venus' looking-glass Campanulaceae Forb Native
Campanula americanaCampanulastrum americanum
Campanula americana var. illinoensis
Campanulastrum americanum var. americanum
Campanulastrum americanum var. illinoense
American bellflower Campanulaceae Forb Native
Campanula aparinoidesCampanula aparinoides var. uliginosa
Campanula aparinoides var. grandiflora
Campanula uliginosa
Marsh bellflower
Campanulaceae Forb Native
Campanula glomerataDane's blood
Clustered bellflower
Campanulaceae Forb Europe
Campanula rapunculoidesEuropean bellflower Campanulaceae Forb Europe
Campanula rotundifoliaCampanula rotundifolia velutinaBluebell-of-scotland
Roundleaf harebell
Bluebell bellflower
Campanulaceae Forb Native
Lobelia cardinalisCardinal-flower Campanulaceae Forb Native
Lobelia x speciosaHybrid cardinal-flower Campanulaceae Forb Native
Lobelia inflataIndian tobacco Campanulaceae Forb Native
Lobelia kalmiiKalm's lobelia Campanulaceae Forb Native
Lobelia puberulaDowny lobelia Campanulaceae Forb Native
Lobelia siphiliticaLobelia siphilitica var. ludovicianaBlue cardinal-flower Campanulaceae Forb Native
Lobelia spicataLobelia spicata leptostachys
Lobelia spicata var. hirtella
Lobelia spicata var. leptostachys
Lobelia spicata var leptostachys
Spiked lobelia Campanulaceae Forb Native

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