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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Athyrium filix-femina var. angustumAthyrium filix-femina var. michauxii
Athyrium angustum
Athyrium filix-femina ssp. angustum
Athyrium filix-femina
Athyrium filix-femina spp. Angustum
Northern lady fern
Southern lady fern
Subarctic lady fern
Athyriaceae Forb Native
Athyrium filix-femina var. asplenioidesAthyrium asplenioides
Athyrium filix-femina ssp. asplenioides
Athyrium filix-femina spp. Asplenioides
Glade fern Athyriaceae Forb Native
Diplazium pycnocarponAthyrium pycnocarponNarrow-leaved spleenwort
Silver false spleenwort
Athyriaceae Forb Native
Deparia acrostichoidesAthyrium thelypterioidesSilvery spleenwort Athyriaceae Forb Native

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