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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Dicliptera brachiata Acanthaceae Forb Native
Justicia americanaDianthera americanaWater willow Acanthaceae Forb Native
Justicia ovataJusticia humilis var. lanceolata
Justicia ovata var. lanceolata
Justicia lanceolata
Water willow Acanthaceae Forb Native
Ruellia caroliniensis var. caroliniensisRuellia caroliniensis dentata
Ruellia caroliniensis var. dentata
Wild petunia Acanthaceae Forb Native
Ruellia humilisRuellia humilis var. longiflora
Ruellia humilis longiflora
Ruellia humilis var. expansa
Wild petunia
Acanthaceae Forb Native
Ruellia pedunculataWild petunia Acanthaceae Forb Native
Ruellia strepensRuellia strepens cleistanthaSmooth ruellia Acanthaceae Forb Native
Acorus calamusSweet flag
Single-vein sweetflag
Flag root
Acorus americanusAcorus calamusSeveral-vein sweetflag
Sweet flag
Flag root
Acoraceae Forb Native
Viburnum dilatatum Adoxaceae
Viburnum rhytidophyllum Adoxaceae
Adoxa moschatellinaMoschatel
Adoxaceae Forb Native
Camassia angustaWild hyacinth Agavaceae Forb Native
Camassia scilloidesWild hyacinth
Atlantic camas
Agavaceae Forb Native
Hosta lancifoliaHosta japonicaPlantain lily Agavaceae Forb Asia
Echinodorus cordifoliusCreeping burhead Alismataceae Forb Native
Echinodorus tenellusEchinodorus parvulus
Echinodorus tenellus var. parvulus
Echinodorus tenellus parvulus
Small burhead Alismataceae Forb Native
Echinodorus berteroiEchinodorus rostratus
Echinodorus berteroi lanceolatus
Echinodorus berteroi var. lanceolatus
Burhead Alismataceae Forb Native
Sagittaria brevirostraSagittaria engelmanniana brevirostraShort-beaked arrowhead Alismataceae Forb Native
Sagittaria montevidensis ssp. calycinaSagittaria calycinaArrowleaf Alismataceae Forb Native

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