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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Acalypha ostryaefoliaAcalypha ostryifoliaThree-seeded mercury Euphorbiaceae Forb Native
Acalypha rhomboideaThree-seeded mercury
Common three-seed-mercury
Euphorbiaceae Forb Native
Acalypha virginicaThree-seeded mercury
Virginia three-seed-mercury
Euphorbiaceae Forb Native
Aegilops cylindricaTriticum cylindricumJointed goat grass Poaceae Grasslike Europe
Agalinis auriculataTomanthera auriculata
Gerardia auriculata
Auriculate false foxglove Orobanchaceae Forb Native
Agrimonia gryposepalaTall agrimony
Tall hairy grooveburr
Rosaceae Forb Native
Agrostis scabraAgrostis scabra tuckermanii
Agrostis scabra f. scabra
Tickle grass
Rough bent grass
Poaceae Grasslike Native
Ailanthus altissimaTree-of-heaven Simaroubaceae Tree Asia
Amaranthus albusTumbleweed Amaranthaceae Forb Native
Amaranthus arenicolaAmaranthus torreyiTorrey's amaranth Amaranthaceae Forb North America
Amaranthus powelliiSmooth pigweed
Tall amaranth
Amaranthaceae Forb North America
Amaranthus rudisAcnida tamariscinaTamarisk waterhemp
Water hemp
Amaranthaceae Forb Native
Amaranthus tuberculatusAmaranthus tuberculatus var. tuberculatusTall waterhemp
Water hemp
Amaranthaceae Forb Native
Ampelopsis brevipedunculataTurquoise-berry Vitaceae
Amsinckia lycopsoidesTarweed Boraginaceae Forb North America
Andropogon gerardiiTurkeyfoot Poaceae Grasslike Native
Anemone cylindricaThimbleweed Ranunculaceae Forb Native
Anemone virginianaTall anemone Ranunculaceae Forb Native
Arabis glabraTurritis glabraTower mustard Brassicaceae Forb Native
Arabis laevigataArabis lyrifolia
Arabis heterophylla
Boechera laevigata
Turritis laevigata
Smooth rock cress Brassicaceae Forb Native

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