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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Acorus americanusAcorus calamusSeveral-vein sweetflag
Sweet flag
Flag root
Acoraceae Forb Native
Acorus calamusSweet flag
Single-vein sweetflag
Flag root
Actaea racemosaActaea racemosa
Cimicifuga racemosa
False bugbane Ranunculaceae Forb Native
Aethusa cynapiumFool's parsley Apiaceae Forb Europe
Agalinis fasciculataGerardia fasciculataFalse foxglove Orobanchaceae Forb Native
Agalinis pauperculaGerardia paupercula var. borealisFalse foxglove Orobanchaceae Forb Native
Agalinis purpureaGerardia purpurea
Agalinis purpurea var parviflora
False foxglove Orobanchaceae Forb Native
Agropyron cristatumFairway grass
Crested wheat grass
Poaceae Grasslike Europe
Allium vinealeField garlic Amaryllidaceae Forb Europe
Alopecurus aequalisShort-awned foxtail
Poaceae Grasslike Native
Alopecurus pratensisMeadow foxtail
Field meadow-foxtail
Poaceae Grasslike Europe
Ambrosia tomentosaFranseria discolor nutt.False ragweed
Wollyleaf bursage
Asteraceae Forb North America
Amorpha fruticosaAmorpha fruticosa var. fruticosaFalse indigo bush
Indigo bush
Fabaceae Shrub Native
Amorpha fruticosa var. angustifoliaAmorpha fruticosa angustifolia
Amorpha fragrans
Amorpha fruticosa var. oblongifolia
Amorpha fruticosa var. tennesseensis
False indigo bush
False indigo
Fabaceae Shrub Native
Amorpha fruticosa var. croceolanataAmorpha croceolanata
Amorpha fruticosa croceolanata
False indigo bush
False indigo
Fabaceae Shrub Native
Amsinckia spectabilisFiddle-neck Boraginaceae Forb North America
Antennaria neglectaField pussytoes
Cat's foot
Asteraceae Forb Native
Anthemis arvensisAnthemis arvensis var. agrestisField chamomile
Corn chamomile
Asteraceae Forb Europe
Anthriscus sylvestrisWild chervil
False chervil
Apiaceae Forb Europe
Aristida basirameaForked-tip three-awn grass Poaceae Grasslike Native

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