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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Acer rubrum var. drummondiiAcer rubrum drummondii
Acer rubrum var drummondii
Swamp red maple
Drummond's red maple
Sapindaceae or Aceraceae Tree Native
Acmispon americanus var. americanusLotus purshianus
Hosackia americana
Deer vetch Fabaceae Forb North America
Actaea pachypodaDoll's-eyes
White baneberry
Ranunculaceae Forb Native
Anethum graveolensDill Apiaceae Forb Asia
Antennaria parlinii ssp. fallaxAntennaria plantaginifolia ambigens
Antennaria parlinii
Antennaria plantaginifolia var ambigens
Antennaria plantaginifolia var. ambigens
Parlin's pussytoes
Deceitful pussytoes
Asteraceae Forb Native
Anthemis cotulaStinking chamomile
Dog fennel
Asteraceae Forb Europe
Apera interruptaItalian windgrass
Silky bentgrass
Dense silky-bent
Arabis drummondiiBoechera strictaDrummond's rock cress Brassicaceae Forb Native
Aralia spinosaDevil's walking stick
Hercules' club
Araliaceae Tree
Arethusa bulbosaDragon's mouth orchid
Dragon's-mouth orchid
Aristolochia tomentosaDutchman's pipe
Aristolochiaceae Liana Native
Aster drummondiiAster sagittifolius var. drummondii
Symphyotrichum drummondii var. drummondii
Drummond's aster Asteraceae Forb Native
Bacopa rotundifoliaWater hyssop
Disk water-hyssop
Plantaginaceae Forb Native
Baptisia x deamiiBaptisia x serenae
Baptisia x pinetorum
Baptisia X serenae
Deam's wild indigo
Betula pumilaBetula pumila var. glandulifera
Betula pumila var. glabra
Betula pumila glandulifera
Betula pumila glabra
Smooth dwarf birch
Dwarf birch
Bog birch
Betulaceae Shrub Native
Boltonia decurrensBoltonia latisquama var. decurrensFalse aster
Decurrent false aster
Claspingleaf doll's daisy
Illinois false aster
Asteraceae Forb Native
Botrychium dissectumBotrychium obliquum var. elongatum
Botrychium dissectum var. obliquum
Botrychium dissectum var. oblongifolium
Botrychium obliquum
Botrychium dissectum obliquum
Botrychium dissectum var. dissectum
Dissected grapefern
Bronze fern
Grape fern
Cut-leaved grape fern
Ophioglossaceae Forb Native
Botrychium matricariifoliumBotrychium matricariaefoliumDaisyleaf grape fern Ophioglossaceae Forb Native
Botrychium simplexLittle grapefern
Least moonwort
Dwarf grape fern
Ophioglossaceae Forb Native
Bulbostylis capillarisThreadleaf beakseed
Hair sedge
Densetuft hairsedge
Cyperaceae Grasslike Native

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