October, 2016

The INHS Herbarium 2016 WeDigBio Transcriptithon was a huge success! This year we transcribed University of Illinois Plant Biology (ILL) bryophytes. We transcribed over 2100 records over two days. Thank you to everyone who participated, we hope to see you again next year! 


group photo friday.JPG

Friday morning group


Friday afternoon session transcription


Saturday group


Saturday afternoon transcription


April, 2016

We participated in the  Master Naturalists INHS Day of Discovery April 9, 2016. Three groups toured the herbarium learning about the history of plant collections as well as the life of a collected plant from collection to curation. A big thanks to the wonderful people at the Illinois Grand Prairie Master Naturalists for organizing this fun opportunity. 


INHS DOfD Group 3_Fotor.jpg   


INHS DofD Group 2_Fotor.jpg 


INHS DofD Group 1_Fotor.jpg


January, 2016

Check out the In Defense of Plants podcast featuring our Collections Manager discussing herbaria. 


October, 2015

We participated in the first annual Worldwide Engagement for Digitizing Biocollections (WeDigBio) Event on Oct. 24th. While we had a small turn out (next year we'll try not to host the event on homecoming weekend) we consider the event a success, we transcribed around 700 records of ILL microfungi! A huge thank you to those who came out and volunteered.

WeDigBio_event_2.jpg Volunteers hard at work transcribing the ILL microfungi. 

We played the Map Game to see how many states we could

fill in 45 minutes. 


The event prize table. Volunteers won plants and candy, and for our

raffle winner, the book The Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois and

Surrounding States.



September, 2015 

The INHS Herbarium began incorporating two other herbaria. We received about 8000 specimens from the Shawnee National Forest Herbarium and about 1000 specimens from Eureka College. The Shawnee materials were collected in the National Forest found here in Illinois and include important threatened and endangered specimens. The materials from Eureka College include many specimens from the late 1800's collected by Gittings Seminary, Peoria High School, A.G. Vestal, as well as early Survey material when we were called the Illinois Natural History Society. Many of these early Survey collections are spread among other herbaria.