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About the Gallery of Illinois Plants

Currently this page has photographs of approximately 600 native and escaped exotic vascular plant species found in Illinois. In the future additional species will be added and more pictures of each species will be added as thumbnails. Taxonomy primarily follows the Flora of North America, Nancy Morin, Editor (1993-2003)Guide to the Vascular Flora of Illinois, Mohlenbrock (1986 and 2003) and, secondarily, Manual of Vascular Plants of Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada, Gleason and Cronquist (1991) and Kartesz, A checklist of Illinois vascular flora (1997-2002). For each plant there is a link to the Illinois Plant Information Network (ILPIN) database. The ILPIN database contains information and the distribution for each taxon (species, subspecies, and variety) found in Illinois. This ILPIN database was created by Louis Iverson, David Ketzner, and Jeanne Karnes.

Photographs of some additional taxa which are not native to Illinois and do not persist as escaped exotics are also provided in a separate list

Most Photographs on this site were taken with a Nikon 990, 995, or 5000 Digital Camera. The photographer is indicated on each photograph.

Most plant identifications were made by: Dan Busemeyer, Mary Ann Feist, David Ketzner, Rick Larimore, Paul Marcum, Jeff Matthews, L. Rick Phillippe, Allen Plocher, Paul Tessene, and Brian Wilm (INHS).

Additional identifications and logistical assistance have been provided by: Connie Carroll, Jamie Ellis, Bill Handel, Steven R. Hill, Dennis Keene, Thomas Kohl, Jessica Kurylo, Brenda Molano, Amy Morgan, Scott Wiesbrook, and others at the Illinois Natural History Survey and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

This page made possible by funding by: 
Illinois Natural History SurveyIllinois Department of Natural ResourcesIllinois Department of TransportationIllinois Plant Information Network (ILPIN)

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