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This field guide was conceived in discussions with Chris Iverson (formerly with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources), and his help in getting the ball rolling is much appreciated. Funding for the compilation of this book was provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Region 3 Office), the Illinois Department of Conservation-Division of Natural Heritage, and the Mussel Mitigation Trust. The help and patience of Ron Refsnider and Craig Johnson (USFWS), Glen Kruse and Mike Sweet (IDOC), and Wayne Davis, John Marshall, and Bernard Huff (MMT) is gratefully acknowledged. We would like to thank Jeanine Berlocher, Art Bogan, Ron Cicerello, and Larry Page for providing insightful comments, reviews, and helpful discussion on various drafts of this field guide. We are especially grateful to the curators and collection managers of the museums visited for allowing us access to collections under their care. We thank our family and friends for continued support and encouragement. Finally, we extend special thanks to John Ballenot, Alison Fong Weingartner, Bill Mayer, John Parker Sherrod, and Mike Jeffords for assisting with editing, illustrations, and printing of the final draft.


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