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Lamproscapha falsa (Simpson, 1900)

INHS 14888-7. Rio Camoruco (Rio Cojedes- Rio Portuguesa Dr.) Cojedes, Venezuela. 9 January 1993.

Original Description: Glabaris (Virgulafalsus Simpson, C.T. 1900. p. 932 in Simpson, C.T. 1900. Synopsis of the naiades, or pearly fresh-water mussels. Proceedings of the United States National Museum. 22(1205):501-1044.

Type Locality: Rio Yuruari [Essequibo River Dr., not] Orinoco River Dr., Venezuela.

Holotype: USNM 86711


  • Anodontites (Virgulafalsus (Simpson, 1900)
  • Simpson 1914:1456; Baker, 1930:70.
  • Anodontites (Lamproscaphafalsus(Simpson, 1900)

  • Haas 1966:573.
  • Description: "Shell elongated, rather thin, subrhomboid and pointed at the posterior base, slightly rayed on the low, rounded posterior ridge; beaks low; epidermis olive green, somewhat cloth-like; hinge line nearly straight; anterior scars deep; escutcheon small, dark; nacre shaded bluish and greenish, lurid purplish in the center, iridescent behind. Length, 76 mm.; height, 21 mm.; diameter, 11 mm. This was supposed by Dr. Lea to be ensiformis and I thought it was that until a more careful examination convinced me of its distinctness. It is a smaller, thinner, more rhomboid shell, and has a cloth-like epidermis, while that of ensiformis is smooth. I regret that I can not figure this species, and that I must describe it in a footnote, but I only discovered that it was a distinct species as the Synopsis was about ready for the press." (Simpson, 1900:932).

    "This species stand between A. ensiformis and A. soleniformis, though I should think it considerably nearer to the former. It differs from that in having the dorsal and ventral outlines parallel, in having the posterior end obliquely rounded from above instead of being drawn out to a slender point, in being duller colored exteriorly and internally. A. ensiformis sometimes shows very feeble rays behind." (Simpson, 1914:1456).

    Specimens Examined: INHS 14806 (15). Caño Masparito, 1 km NW Libertad, Barinas, Venezuela. 14 January 1993. K.S. Cummings, C.A. Mayer. INHS 14888 (7). Rio Camoruco, between Estero & Campo Alegre, about 10 km NW Libertad, Cojedes, Venezuela. 9 January 1993. K.S. Cummings & C.A. Mayer. INHS 11890 (1). Rio Pao, W La Yeguera, Rt. 13 bridge, Cojedes, Venezuela. 22 December 1990. L.M. Page, P.A. Ceas, M.E. Retzer & A. Barbarino. INHS 14949 (3). Caño El Sardinero, 14 km SE Guanare, Portuguesa, Venezuela. 2 January 1994. K.S. Cummings & C.A. Mayer. INHS 14936 (6). Caño Maraca, on rd. from Guanare to Guanarito at 60 km marker, Portuguesa, Venezuela. 30 December 1993. K.S. Cummings & C.A. Mayer.

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