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Non-Marine Gastropod Mollusks of the Clade Neritomorpha

This is one of the six major gastropod lineages and contains a large number of terrestrial species and a few freshwater and brackish water species.  All have an operculum.  All extant members of this clade are in the subclade Cycloneritimorpha.



Terrestrial species are found in four families.  They are indicated in green in the list below.  Freshwater species are found in one family, the Neritidae in the superfamily Neritoidea.  They are indicated in blue in the list below.  Exclusively marine families are in black.

Clade Neritimorpha (= Neritopsina)

Clade Cycloneritimorpha

 Superfamily Helicinoidea

 Family Helicinidae - 1 IL species

 Family Neritiliidae

 Family Proserpinellidae

 Family Proserpinidae

 Superfamily Hydrocenoidea

Family Hydrocenidae

Superfamily Neritoidea

Family Neritidae

Family Phenacolepadidae

Superfamily Neritopsoidea

Family Neritopsidae

Family Titiscaniidae


Terrestrial Neritomorpha of the World

Superfamily Helicinoidea

Family Helicinidae [=Stoastomidae]

Operculate, terrestrial snails, distributed widely in the tropics and sub-tropics. Distributions were taken from “Compendium of Landshells” by R. Tucker Abbott, the website and the Discover Life web site. An excellent resource for helicinids is Dr. Ira Richling’s web site: 


Alcadia New World subtropics, NE Atlantic Brazil [Introduced to Florida]
Aphanoconia SE Asia, Pacific Ids.
Bourciera Ecuador
Calybium Viet Nam
Ceochasma Mexico
Ceratodiscus Cuba, Dominican Republic
Ceratopoma Philippines, Australia, New Caledonia, Indonesia
Emoda Cuba
Eutrochatella Jamaica, Dominican Republic
Excavata Jamaica
Fadyenia West Indies
Geophorus Philippines, India, Sol. Isl., Malaysia, Viet Nam
Geotrochatella Thailand, Viet Nam
Helicina West Indies, Brasil, Florida
Hemipoma Japan
Hendersonia U.S.
Lucidella SE U.S., Mexico, West Indies, coastal Venezuela
Microviana Cuba
Ogasawarana Japan
Oligyra S. U.S., Mexico, W. Indies, Guyana
Orobophana Pacific Ids., Australia, New Zealand, Philippines
Palaeohelicina Australia
Pleuropoma Seychelles, Pacific Isl., SE Asia, Micronesia, Australia, Japan
Priotrochatella Cuba
Pyrgodomus Mexico, Central America
Schasicheila Mexico, Central America, Bahamas
Stoastoma Venezuela, Haita, Jamaica
Stoastomops Jamaica, Cayman Isl., Dominican Republic
Sturanya Somoa, Tonga, Fiji, Sol. Isl., Palau
Sulfurina Philippines, Andaman Isl., Malaysia, Micronesia, New Guinea
Troschelviana Cuba
Ustronia Cuba [Introduced to Florida]
Viana Cuba
Waldemaria Japan


Family Proserpinellidae


Archecharax Peru, Colombia, Bolivia
Ceres Mexico, Cameroon
Linidiella Mexico, Venezeula, Ecuador
Proserpinella Mexico


Family Proserpinidae

Operculate, terrestrial snails, distributed widely in the tropics and sub-tropics. Distributions were taken from “Compendium of Landshells” by R. Tucker Abbott and the Discover Life web site.


Calidviana Cuba
Proserpina Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Haiti

Superfamily Hydrocenoidea

Family Hydrocenidae

Operculate, terrestrial snails. They are minute and several species are restricted to caves.


Georissa New Zealand, Australia, Madagascar, Japan, Sumatra
Hydrocena Society Ids., New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Montenegro
Monterissa Australia
Omphalorissa New Zealand


Freshwater Neritomorpha of the World

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