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Non-Marine Gastropod Mollusks of the Clade Caenogastropoda

This is one of the six major gastropod lineages and contains a large number of terrestrial species and a few freshwater and brackish water species.  All have an operculum.  There are three major subclades: the Architaenioglossa, the Sorbeoconcha and the Hypogastropoda.  The relationships among the three subgroups are in dispute. The hypothesis of Bouchet & Rocroi (2005) is shown below. 



Terrestrial species are found in two of the three main subclades, Architaenioglossa, and Hypogastropoda.  Families with terrestrial species are in green in the list below.  A few species in the third subclade, Sorbeoconcha, in the family Potamididae, live in brackish water, mudflats, and even in mangrove trees. Members of the family Assimineidae (Hypogastropoda, Littorinimorpha) are mostly aquatic, but live in saltwater, freshwater and are terrestrial.  These species can be considered amphibious.  Families with amphibious species are in red in the list below.  Freshwater members of the Caeonogastropoda are found in all three major subclades.  Families with freshwater species are in blue in the list below. Families in black are exclusively marine.  Families with Illinois species are noted.



Informal group Architaenioglossa

 Superfamily Ampullarioidea

Family Ampullariidae

Superfamily Cyclophoroidea

Family Cyclophoridae

Family Aciculidae

Family Craspedopomatidae

Family Diplommatinidae

Family Maizaniidae

Family Megalomastomatidae

Family Neocyclotidae

Family Pupinidae

Superfamily Viviparoidea

Family Viviparidae - 7 IL species

Clade Sorbeoconcha

 Superfamily Cerithioidea

Family Cerithiidae

Family Batillariidae

Family Dialidae

Family Diastomatidae

Family Litiopidae

Family Melanopsidae

Family Modulidae

Family Pachychilidae

Family Paludomidae

Family Planaxidae

Family Pleuroceridae - 11 IL species

Family Potamididae

Family Scaliolidae

Family Siliquariidae

Family Thiaridae

Family Turritellidae

Superfamily Campaniloidea

Family Campanilidae

Family Ampullinidae

Family Plesiotrochidae

Clade Hypsogastropoda

Clade Littorinimorpha

Superfamily Calyptraeoidea

Family Calyptraeidae

Superfamily Capuloidea

Family Capulidae

Superfamily Cingulopsoidea

Family Cingulopsidae

Family Eatoniellidae

Family Rastodentidae

Superfamliy Cypraeoidea

Family Cypraeidae

Family Ovulidae

Superfamily Ficoidea

Family Ficidae

Superfamily Littorinoidea

Family Littorinidae

Family Pickworthiidae

Family Pomatiidae

Family Skeneopsidae

Family Zerotulidae

Superfamily Naticoidea

Family Naticidae

Superfamily Pterotracheoidea

Family Pterotracheidae

Family Atlantidae

Family Carinariidae

Superfamily Rissooidea

Family Rissoidae

Family Amnicolidae

Family Anabathridae

Family Assimineidae

Family Barleeiidae

Family Bithyniidae - 1 IL Species

Family Calopiidae

Family Cochliopidae

Family Elachisinidae

Family Emblandidae

Family Epigridae

Family Falsicingulidae

Family Helicostoidae

Family Hydrobiidae - 12 IL species

Family Hydrococcidae

Family Iravadiidae

Family Lithoglyphidae

Family Moitessieriidae

Family Pomatiopsidae - 2 IL species

Family Stenothyridae

Family Tornidae

Family Truncatellidae

Superfamily Stromboidea

Family Strombidae

Family Aporrhaidae

Family Seraphsidae

Family Struthiolariidae

Superfamily Tonnoidea

Family Tonnidae

Family Bursidae

Family Laubierinidae

Family Personidae

Family Pisanianuridae

Family Ranellidae

Superfamily Vanikoroidea

Family Vanikoridae

Family Haloceratidae

Family Hipponicidae

Superfamily Velutinoidea

Family Velutinidae

Family Triviidae

Superfamily Vermetoidea

Family Vermetidae

Superfamily Xenophoroidea

Family Xenophoridae


Literature Cited

Bouchet P., Rocroi J.-P., Frýda J., Hausdorf B., Ponder W., Valdés Á. & Warén A. (2005)."Classification and nomenclator of gastropod families". Malacologia: International Journal of Malacology (Hackenheim, Germany: ConchBooks) 47(1-2): 1–397.

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