Some past articles published in INHS Reports:

Species Spotlight: Coyotes. Winter 2001

Cost and Controversy in Managing Urban Deer. March-April 2000

Species Spotlight: Little Brown Bat. November-December 1999

Deer in the Suburbs of Chicago. May-June 1999

INHS Mammal Collection. March-April 1999

Species Spotlight: Short-tailed Shrew. January-February 1999

Franklin's Ground Squirrel: An Increasingly Rare Prairie Mammal. January-February 1999

Don't Blame It All on the Raccoons. May-June 1998

Coyotes and Foxes in the Town and Country. March-April 1998

Species Spotlight: Eastern Moles. September-October 1997

What Color Are Your Squirrels. May-June 1997

Raccoon Health Watch. March-April 1997

Species Spotlight: Bobcats. September-October 1996

Can We Restore Elk in Illinois? September-October 1996

Indiana Bats in Illinois. March-April 1996

Species Spotlight: Beavers. March-April 1996

Species Spotlight: Plains pocket gopher. September-October 1995

Coyotes in Cornfields. July-August 1995

Human Noise and Wildlife. January-February 1995