Biodiversity Informatics and Cybertaxonomy @ INHS

TaxonWorks: Integrated web-based workbench for biodiversity science

InvertNet: Advancing Digitization of Invertebrate Collections

3i (Internet-accessible Interactive Identification): Software for creating online virtial taxonomic revisions and interactive keys

MANDALA: Biodiversity database for bioinventory projects

mx: Online collaborative biodiversity data management

SpeciesFile: Online collaborative nomenclatural database management

Insect Biodiversity @ INHS

Leafhopper Homepage: Everything you ever wanted to know about leafhoppers (Cicadellidae)

Treehopper Homepage: Ditto for treehoppers (Aetalionidae, Melizoderidae and Membracidae)

Other Links of Interest

INHS insect display drawer ("Oh My Drawer") reservation calendar

External Links of Interest

Entomological Collections Network

iDigBio (Integrated Digital Biocollections web portal)

Tri-Trophic Thematic Collection Network