August 2014 - We have a new Herbarium/Fungarium Collections Manager!  Please contact Jamie Minnaert-Grote for your herbarium/fungarium needs.


October 2012 - Tiffany Bone began working as the Herbarium Curatorial Assistant for the NSF ADBC LBCC digitization project.  She will digitize 100,000 lichen and bryophyte specimens over the next year.


March 2012 - We received 439 specimens of gasteromycetes from the Alan D. Parker private mycological collection.


December 2011 - Over 4800 lichen specimens at Eastern Illinois University have been databased.  The Illinois Natural History Survey Fungarium (ILLS) will acquire the fungal specimens at EIU in 2012.


November 2011 - The ILLS Fungarium database is now online!  Check it out at: MyCoPortal on the Symbiota website.