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Insects of
Braidwood Dunes and Savanna

Steven J. Taylor1, Alan D. Yanahan2,3, Sam W. Heads1, Felipe N. Soto-Adames1
James R. Wiker4, Daniel R. Swanson2, James N. Zahniser1, & C. Scott Bundy5

1Illinois Natural History Survey, Prairie Research Institute, University of Illinois; 2Department of Entomology, University of Illinois; 3Current address: Department of Entomology, University of Arizona; 4Affliiate, Illinois Natural History Survey, Prairie Research Institute, University of Illinois; 5Dept. Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Weed Science, New Mexico State University.

Braidwood Dunes and Savanna is managed by the Forest Preserve District of Will County, Illinois.  We conducted an inventory of select terrestrial insect groups at Braidwood.  Follow each link to explore images of the species and distribution maps.  A search window will appear, allowing you to search for any name appearing in the list, further refining your search.

Springtails (Collembola) - (Soto-Adames)

Orchesella ainsliei (Entomobryidae),
a Springtail

Grasshoppers, Crickets, & Katydids (Orthoptera) and kin - (Heads)

Udeopsylla robusta (Rhaphidophoridae),
the Robust Camel Cricket

Leafhoppers and Kin (Auchenorrhyncha) - (Zahniser)

Texananus decorus (Cicadellidae),
a Leafhopper

True Bugs (Heteroptera) - (Swanson,Bundy)

Megalotomus quinquespinosus (Alydidae),
the Lupine Bug

Butterflies, Moths and Skippers (Lepidoptera) - (Wiker)

Papaipema speciosissima (Noctuidae),
the Osmunda Borer Moth

Ground Beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) - (Yanahan)

Amphasia interstitialis (Carabidae),
a Ground Beetle

In addition to the above links to specific taxonomic groups, you can browse through all of the images available for hexapods (insects + springtails) recorded from Braidwood Dunes and Savanna - click on any image to see a larger version.

You can also view the final report (large pdf file) from this project.


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