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Nomenclatura Oligochaetologica Editio Secunda –
a catalogue of names, descriptions, and type specimens of the Oligochaeta

this web-based second edition of Nomenclatura Oligochaetologica was launched on Monday 6 January 2014.

Please Note:  several of the sites listed below are currently being updated (hosting by new server, new page formatting).  

> Classification and checklist of the freshwater oligochaetes in North America north of Mexico

> Classification and checklist of the freshwater oligochaetes occurring in the State of Florida, USA 

> Classification and checklist of the leeches (Annelida, Clitellata, Hirudinida) occurring in North America

> The Enchytraeidae and Propappidae (Annelida, Clitellata, Enchytraeida) of North America

> List of marine species in the Family Enchytraeidae (Annelida, Clitellata, Enchytraeida)

> The INHS Annelida Collection

> Aquatic Annelida of Illinois

> Earthworms of Illinois

> Springs of Illinois

> The Aquatic oligochaetes occurring in or adjacent to Great Smoky Mountains National Park

> The Aquatic oligochaetes of the Colorado River and its tributaries, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

> Nomenclatura Oligochaetologica – a catalogue of names, descriptions, and type specimens of the Oligochaeta

> Bibliography of Aquatic Annelida – 1993–2010

> Bibliography on Aquatic Annelida – 2011 through 2018:  to be posted here soon!

> Website for the journal, Megadrilogica

> Directory of aquatic oligochaetologists and other annelid specialists of the world [outdated]

> Annelida Conferences and Symposia  [outdated, to be updated in 2019]

> Links to Other Annelida Resources Via the World Wide Web  [outdated, to be updated in 2019]

> Annelidan Aphorisms:  Vermes in Time


Methods for the Study of Segmented Worms (Annelida)

Below [soon] will be links to pages that summarize recommended methodologies for field collection, preservation, laboratory processing, identification, and archiving of annelid specimens and their associated data.  The 'Literature Cited and Pertinent References' link is also provided at the bottom of each of of the following pages. 

|  Aquatic oligochaete worms   Terrestrial oligochaetes (earthworms)  |

|  Leeches  |  Polychaete worms (including Aeolosomatida)  | 

|  Literature Cited and Pertinent References  |

 Taxonomic workshops organized and presented/co-presented by M.J. Wetzel and others are listed HERE.

Friendly disclaimer:  This site is under construction, with much information being transferred to this page from active websites I established in the early- and mid-1990s (and continue to maintain).  Thus, you will likely experience redundant visits to several sites as you navigate through the linkages, above.  A few of the above sites have been static for a while; these will be updated when transferred to live links from this page.  If you experience a broken link (that is, are not directed to an active site, but rather a splash page that states something similar to 'Page Not Found"), please let me know about this.  If you know of sites associated with annelid resources that are not included above, please send the link to me.  Thank you for your interest. – mjw      mjwetzel[AT]illinois.edu