The Illinois Natural History Survey Traveling Science Center is a mobile classroom available to visit schools and communities across Central Illinois. Check here for dates and locations of events that are open to the public.

The INHS Traveling Science Center is a 320 square foot mobile classroom featuring informative, engaging exhibits on Biodiversity, focusing on Illinois. 

Visitors learn about the types of habitats and species diversity of their region, as well as ways to protect against threats to that diversity.


Activities are available to extend the Traveling Science Center educational experience to the classroom.

traveling science center
The Traveling Science Center is available to visit schools, park districts, and other organizations. For important information regarding visits, please review our policy statement.

For more information, or to schedule a visit to your facility, contact us at:

tsc@inhs.illinois.edu or phone 217-333-5986.

Teachers, if the Traveling Science Center is scheduled to visit your school, please complete these surveys.



Funding for the operation of the Traveling Science Center provided by University of Illinois Office of the Vice Chancellor for Public Engagement and Private Donor.

Major funding for the purchase of the INHS Traveling Science Center was provided by ComEd.