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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Fagopyrum esculentumFagopyrum fagopyrumIndia-wheat Polygonaceae Forb Asia
Fagus grandifoliaFagus grandifolia caroliniana
Fagus grandifolia var. caroliniana
Fagus grandifolia var caroliniana
Beech Fagaceae Tree Native
Falcaria vulgarisFalcaria sioidesSickleweed Apiaceae Forb Europe
Fallopia convolvulusPolygonum convolvulusWild buckwheat Polygonaceae Vine Europe
Fallopia japonica var. japonicaReynoutria japonica
Polygonum cuspidatum
Mexican gamboo Polygonaceae Forb Asia
Fallopia sachalinensisPolygonum sachalinense
Reynoutria sachalinensis
Sakhalin knotweed Polygonaceae Forb Asia
Fallopia scandensPolygonum cristatum
Polygonum scandens
Polygonum scandens var. dumetorum
Fallopia cristata
False buckwheat
Hedge cornbind
Polygonaceae Vine Native
Festuca filiformisFestuca capillata
Festuca ovina
Festuca ovina var. tenuifolia
Festuca ovina var. capillata
Festuca tenuifolia
Festuca ovina ssp. tenuifolia
Fineleaf sheep fescue
Slender fescue
Poaceae Grasslike Europe
Festuca paradoxaCluster fescue
Clustered fescue
Poaceae Grasslike Native
Festuca rubraFestuca rubra ssp. glaucodea
Festuca rubra ssp. megastachya
Festuca diffusa
Festuca ovina var. duriuscula
Festuca ovina var. rubra
Festuca ovina ssp. duriuscula
Festuca duriuscula
Sheep fescue
Red fescue
Poaceae Grasslike
Festuca subverticillataSchedonorus obtusus
Festuca obtusa
Nodding fescue Poaceae Grasslike Native
Festuca trachyphyllaFestuca ovina ssp. trachyphylla
Festuca brevipila
Hard fescue
Sheep fescue
Filipendula rubraQueen of the prairie Rosaceae Forb Native
Filipendula ulmariaQueen of the meadow Rosaceae Forb Europe
Fimbristylis autumnalisAutumn sedge Cyperaceae Grasslike Native
Fimbristylis dichotoma ssp. dichotomaFimbristylis baldwiniana
Fimbristylis annua
Baldwin's fimbristylis Cyperaceae Grasslike Native
Fimbristylis puberula var. puberulaFimbristylis puberula drummondii
Fimbristylis puberula var. drummondii
Fimbristylis drummondii
Chestnut sedge Cyperaceae Grasslike Native
Fimbristylis vahliiVahl's fimbristylis Cyperaceae Grasslike Native
Fleischmannia incarnataEupatorium incarnatumThoroughwort
Pink thoroughwort
Asteraceae Forb Native
Floerkea proserpinacoidesFalse mermaid Limnanthaceae Forb Native

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