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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Abutilon theophrastiiAbutilon theophrastiButtonweed
Malvaceae Forb Asia
Acalypha virginicaThree-seeded mercury
Virginia three-seed-mercury
Euphorbiaceae Forb Native
Ammannia coccineaScarlet loosestrife
Valley redstem
Purple ammania
Long-leaved ammannia
Lythraceae Forb Native
Anthoxanthum hirtumHierochloe hirta ssp. hirta
Hierochloe odorata
Vanilla grass
Hairy sweetgrass
Sweet grass
Poaceae Grasslike Native
Aristolochia serpentariaEndodeca serpentariaBirthwort
Virginia snakeroot
Virginia dutchman's pipe
Aristolochiaceae Forb Native
Aristolochia serpentaria var. hastataAristolochia serpentaria hastata
Aristolochia hastata
Endodeca serpentaria
Aristolochia nashii
Virgina snakeroot
Narrow-leaved snakeroot
Aristolochiaceae Forb Native
Callitriche vernaCallitriche palustrisCommon water starwort
Vernal water-starwort
Plantaginaceae Forb Native
Clematis ternifloraClematis dioscoreifoliaVirgin's bower
Sweet autumn clematis
Ranunculaceae Vine Asia
Clematis virginianaVirgin's bower Ranunculaceae Vine
Collinsia violaceaViolet collinsia Plantaginaceae Forb Native
Draba vernaEriophila verna praecox
Eriophila verna
Erophila verna ssp. verna
Draba verna var. boerhaavii
Draba verna
Eriophila verna var. praecox
Erophila verna ssp. praecox
Vernal whitlow grass
Mouse-eared whitlow grass
Brassicaceae Forb Europe
Echium vulgareViper's bugloss Boraginaceae Forb Europe
Elymus curvatusElymus virginicus submuticus
Elymus submuticus
Elymus virginicus var. jenkinsii
Elymus virginicus var. submuticus
Virginia wild rye Poaceae Grasslike Native
Elymus virginicusElymus virginicus glabriflorus
Elymus virginicus var. virginicus
Virginia wild rye Poaceae Grasslike Native
Equisetum variegatumVariegated scouring rush Equisetaceae Forb Native
Euthamia gymnospermoidesSolidago gymnospermoides
Euthamia caroliana
Solidago texensis
Solidago graminifolia var. gymnospermoides
Euthamia pulverulenta
Euthamia glutinosa
Solidago camporum
Viscid grass-leaved goldenrod Asteraceae Forb Native
Fimbristylis vahliiVahl's fimbristylis Cyperaceae Grasslike Native
Glandularia canadensisVerbena canadensisRose verbena Verbenaceae Forb Native
Glandularia peruvianaVerbena peruvianaPeruvian vervain Verbenaceae Forb South America
Hibiscus trionumVenice mallow Malvaceae Forb Europe

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